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Accident Management Insurance

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Accident Management companies are involved with resolving all aspects of an insurance claim following an accident, from:

  • vehicle recovery
  • assessment and repair of vehicles
  • dealing with the insurance companies
  • claiming for uninsured losses
  • organising a replacement vehicle (when required)

In addition to the Accident Management company being able to arrange a replacement vehicle, they also need to have a facility in place to arrange immediate insurance cover on the replacement vehicle, this is known as Accident Management Insurance.

Accident Management Daily Rate Premium Image

insurecarhire is an online insurance facility that can resolve all the requirements of an Accident Management company, offering:

  • 24/7 online facility
  • immediate Comprehensive insurance cover
  • multi-day hire discounts
  • immediate refund for unused hire days
  • flexible underwriting terms to match business model
  • printable insurance certificate

If you would like to apply for an account to enable your accident management business to use the insurecarhire facility, please complete and submit our Quote Request form.

About Accident Management

Often the Accident Management company may have a fleet of replacement vehicles or use a car hire firm. Generally, if they are arranging a replacement car, this means that they believe they can reclaim the cost of this from the third party insurers. Some insurance policies may include the extra benefit of supplying a replacement car, but many do not. This is where an Accident Management company can be of great benefit to the person involved in the accident. In addition to dealing with many aspects of the claim, they can take the strain out of organising a replacement vehicle, including arranging the insurance.

This is one of the many benefits of having an insurecarhire account, the Accident Management company will also be able to set up the insurance cover in a matter of minutes and print the relevant insurance documentation, making the whole process very straightforward.

Accident Management Insurance Explained

There are many ‘knock-on’ effects from being involved in a car accident - all of which can be taken care of by an Accident Management company. Part of the service provided by such companies is to provide a replacement vehicle whilst the customers vehicle is being repaired. The replacement vehicle need to be insured for the period of use by the customer - this is covered by Accident Management Insurance. This is a different and separate insurance from the normal cover that the person involved in the accident would have on the vehicle involved in the accident. This type of insurance cover would usually be arranged by the Accident Management company.

insurecarhire - How It Works

Insurecarhire offer an online facility whereby an Accident Management company can take care of all the insurance requirements for replacement vehicles. There are many benefits to the service;

Accident Mgmt Insurance - All Car Types Image
  • premiums calculated on daily hire rates
  • your online account details your fleet of vehicle
  • add hirer to vehicle for cover period
  • immediate refund for unused hire days
  • no contract period required
  • multi-day-hire discounts
  • 24/7 access over the internet
  • printable insurance certificate immediately available
  • fleet management tools, eg. diary system of reminders

The whole of the Accident Management Insurance side of the business can be run online and accessed from any computer with an internet connection. With the scheme being subject to ‘daily hire rates’ your premiums will more fairly reflect the hire usage.

If you arrange insurance cover for long hire period and the hire is no longer required for the full length of that period, an immediate premium return is credited back to the account on cancellation of the hire.

To apply for your Accident Management Insurance facility from insurecarhire please complete our Quotation Request page.


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